Money’s not an issue as long as the expense is justified. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Thanks for the tips. Best force feedback stick ever made was the msffb2. I have seen some tutorials on how to rig this up in some form or another with devices but i would much prefer something with native feedback support. Allow to move the handle without requiring a lot of force from the wrist or arm.

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A working force feedback function. Results 1 to 15 of Thankfully i only get a twitch occasionally in the pedals due to wiring. Analogue handlers to apply engine thrust. Force feedback Hi all. When you trim the helicopter rotors, the stick should take the position of the last trimmed position.

Does anyone currently make a force-feedback HOTAS stick?

Ships in Eve or Elite wouldn’t give any feedback from thrusters. And yes obviously that only possibly applies fodce control surface using atmospheric aircraft. The Logitech or the Thrustmaster TM have this function.

Thinking about buying one? Mors View Profile View Posts. Bring back the main forum list.


And I believe it is not a manufacturer of gaming sticks at all, so no one can make them now. D without any hand fatigue.

Force Feedback Joystick PC | Thrustmaster

Originally posted by Hiten:. Basically, anything that requires constant fine-tuning with your joystick movements and even requires you to hold the stick off-center to fly straight without constant trimming isn’t particularly suited to a force-sensing stick. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Read the FAQ before posting a question. Allow to move the handle without requiring a lot of force from the wrist or arm.

I’ve never used one before. They’re so rare and no longer in production that it isn’t a highly sought feature, so no one bothers. A lot of the people I flight sim with use them, myself included, and most have trawled through ebay snapping them up as a spare when they appear, as again did I. Like to hotas or the Saitek X Now being 46, i find someting really disturbing: Last edited by JDarksword ; Nov 11, 9: You need special pedals for that, which is hard to setup and remove, and is an additional cost.

One has to hide a small detector to make the force feedback work as it should, and the motor of the force feedback is very noisy! Logitech used to be the top hardware manufacturer, when it comes to joysticks, but by far not anymore.


Even if you found one you’d be wasting your money, because game devs don’t put the code in for them anymore.

For a summary, find below a list of available joysticks. I know someone that has 4 in a wardrobe. When you go through a force field at space stations its gives you efedback. Two types of fire buttons that you can press with your pointing finger. Then when I forcs playing DCS, I thought about buying one, only to find out that they have been gone from the market for over 10 years.

Highly contrast to motor vehicle steering wheels where there isn’t any linear mode to speak of and only highly non-linear mode exists, hence most wheels sans cheapest ones have FFB.