I did not get them with gpsbabel. The M can log GPS points for up to 12 hours with one alkaline AA cell recommended at room temperature, 10 hours at high temperature or 2 hours at low temperature. CD is not included. It is just about 1 year old now. The M should now be connected. Guaranteed by Sat, Jan 5. Each requires a slightly different setup.

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New other see details. I’m not sure of the batteries mAh it may be lapto; in the documentation but I dont have that to hand atm but it lasts a fairly good length of time.

All Auction Buy It Now. If you are not running bash as your shell, you need to modify the scripts, so that the first line reads:.

Unit works well in shirt pocket. By the laptip, did you make sure the GPS receiver was fully charged before you started using it? When the Ni-MH cell is nearly depleted, connect the M with the cell still inside to a USB power-only adapter no data wires and it may begin to get recharged slowly. New other see details.

An ordinary carbon-zinc cell can power it up to 4 hours at room temperature. Still has problems with places like downtown San Francisco, though that’s no fault of the unit, since it’s still getting half a dozen sats, even then.

Holux Rcv-3000 Bluetooth Wireless GPS Data Logger Receiver for Laptop PC 66ch

Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld Available languages — Holux M Oaptop one to sell? Have your computer search for Bluetooth devices. Guess I would qualify as a low user, although I am rather tall. Pressing the Enter button logs the waypoint, and confirms it by briefly displaying a little flag icon in the bottom left corner.


You don’t have to use your M device with Bluetooth: Is it possible that the weak signal is from a battery that’s weak? I’ve just bought the Holux which i’m intending to mount inside my laptop wire it into the power and communicate through the bluetooth but i’m yet to get any ho,ux software to actually show me where I am or where i’m going.

Best laptop GPS software for Holux Bluetooth GPS receiver? – Laptop GPS World

It would probably be easier to wire it via USB and not bother with Bluetooth at all. There are hklux of people managing to set the unit to log 5 points a second and lots of extra information, although 1 point per second is very good already and there should be no need for more.

The log file can be transferred for analysis via USB connection. Since it is hard to buy a new Holux M in India, I have been patching it, soldering it a few times now.

It may work, but it will not work as well as an external unit.

Holux Car GPS Unit for sale | eBay

They were all either mounted to the dash board or rear deck in SUV’s with velcro. Note that the NMEA Interface Standard specifies serial communication speed at baud, although the M is capable of exceeding this speed when connected to a suitable host.


GPS signals are radio frequency. Skip to main content. If one expects to be inundated or to use it in the rain, it should be enclosed in a waterproof plastic container, a zip-closure polyethylene freezer bag, or a zip-closure vinyl envelope designed for electronics. In this oaptop, Bluetooth can be switched off, so the device can save power when no Bluetooth is needed, or keep logging in holuux where Bluetooth is not allowed, such as in an airliner.

If you want to try charging a cell while it is in the M, it is recommended to not wait until the battery is depleted: AA Battery 1 Set. GPS vertical – seconds – 0 satellites found GPS horizontal – seconds – 0 satellites found so I thought for a few seconds and tried repeating it with the GPS wrapped in a thin layer of plastic to stop the circuit board grounding on anything I didnt think it was but thought it should be taken into account as a possibility plastic coated GPS vertical – seconds – 0 satellites found plastic coated GPS horizontal – seconds – 0 satellites found So Are you sure it’s the Bluetooth connection you are losing?

From a daily OSM surveyor, here some experiences:. Does not include optional data cables or Y car charger adapter.