Page To stop or remove a PC Card: Using The Expansion Port Using the expansion port The expansion port on the left side of the computer allows you to connect the computer to an optional expansion product. For more information about the Pavilion dvz’s design, features, and warranty, check out our full review of the very similar Pavilion dv Visit the HP Web site at Follow the instructions on the screen to find the software you want to update. An optional expansion product provides additional ports and connectors that can be used with the computer.

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Disconnect power from the computer by unplugging the power cord from the AC outlet not by unplugging the power cord from the computer. Managing a power-on password To set, hewlett-pakcard, or delete this password: To access update links for the operating system and other software provided on the computer, visit the HP website at http: Tighten the hard drive cover screws 3. Setup Utility language To select a language: The service tag label is affixed to the bottom of the computer.

Using The Expansion Port Using the expansion port The expansion port on the left side of the computer allows you to connect the computer to an optional expansion product. Managing an administrator password To set, change, or delete this password: Protecting playback To prevent the loss of playback or playback quality: Rewind Press to rewind the selected media.


HP Pavilion Dv5000 for Parts

Follow the on-screen instructions. Wireless Devices select Models Only Video memory settings can be changed on select models only and should only be changed by advanced users. External Devices Using a USB device Universal Serial Bus USB is a hardware interface that can be used to connect an optional external device, such as a USB keyboard, mouse, drive, printer, scanner, or hub, to the computer or to an optional expansion product.

Align the tabs 1 on the hard drive cover with the notches on the computer. Power options You can change many default power settings in Windows Control Panel. Initiating or restoring from hibernation Hibernation cannot be initiated unless it is enabled.

Battery Packs Battery packs When a charged battery pack is in the computer and the computer is not plugged into external power, the computer runs on battery power. You can use the computer while the battery pack is recharging, but the battery pack will charge more quickly if the computer is off. Replace the two hard drive screws 3.

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For best results, follow the traveling and shipping tips described here. Page – The computer cannot connect to a wireles The Good Attractive design; big, comfortable keyboard; decent display; good multimedia features, including a double-layer DVD burner; plays discs and music without booting the OS.


Recharging The Battery Pack Step 3: QuickLock protects your information by displaying the operating system Log On window. The computer can support one S-Video device connected to the S-Video-out jack, while simultaneously supporting an image on the computer display or on any other supported external display.

Reinstalling Device Drivers And Other Software Use the following paivlion procedures as soon as the computer is connected to the Internet.

Depending on the hardware and software included with the computer, the following multimedia tasks may be supported: Discharging the battery pack Before you begin a full discharge, disable hibernation. Removing an optical disc without power If external or battery power is unavailable: Passwords A password is a group of characters that you choose to secure the computer information.

Open the Help and Support Center. For more information about Wireless Assistant: To download a BIOS update: After DriveLock protection is applied to a drive, a password must be entered to access the drive.