This is visible at all resolutions but worse at lower resolutions as it is then much more apparent. Watch the PPA installation video. From what I can tell the Gaming edition appears to have a more limited set of encoding rates so perhaps some of the other versions can produce better results. All we need now is a script we can launch from the Desktop to tie all this together in time and combine the video and audio…. Again as above I can confirm this is an issue with the Hauppauge software despite what Hauppauge claim. Should be able to test the code this week. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

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I also changed the USB cable for a short high quality cable, again no change. If the max bitrate is set lower than the average bitrate, the result is CBR constant bit rate at the rate specified by the average slider. Got the code from Hauppauge a few weeks hquppauge.

In RPM based distros such as Mythdora, the following command should suffice, assuming the proper development tools, kernel-headers and kernel-devel have already been installed. It even deals ljnux conflicts.

[ubuntu] Hauppauge HD PVR Setup

See this thread for a possible solution: To record an audio track, for commentary, you also need a microphone on your Ubuntu PC. Just give it a try. In the US, the Motion Picture Association of America has requested that the Federal Communications Commission allow providers to disable the component outputs of their devices when hau;pauge recently released movies.


I was fortunate enough to have compiled after the kernel update so that should not be an issue. You will also need the firmware which is not included with Raspbian Jessie.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. See below for more information on codesets and lircd. Remove this check if you like. Excellent, we can watch and dump video to file dump.

From what I can tell the Gaming edition appears to have a more limited set of encoding rates so perhaps some of the other versions can produce better results.

Ubuntu: Hauppauge HD-PVR

I read many posts in forums that have used earlier versions of firmware. Join Date Jun Beans For Motorola STBs, it is also important to set the “4: The table below shows the driver package filename for installation on Windows, the date of the driver package when downloaded directly from Hauppauge’s site, this is from the timestamp ,inux the file on their serverthe date of the firmware ROM files within the driver package the hcwhdpvr.

My has never been moved and sits on a steel rack with no airflow blocked anywhere around it. The interlaced hauppauge is mostly unusable as the odd and even lines are swapped.


As of Linux Kernel 2. MC has been reasonably trouble free for 4 yrs. Raspbian can be downloaded from https: If your distribution doesn’t include support for the IR Blaster you may build it yourself. The MythTV wiki provides us with a simple test to see if video is being streamed while the PS3 is playing:. This is a stroke of luck as I bought a boxed that was advertised as on the site… once in hand Ubuntu July 30th, 7.

HD Playback Reports acts as a repository for processor requirements to play high definition material. Sadly, the audio is just stereo. You are commenting using your WordPress. Watch the PPA installation video. Grab the latest firmware from here: At the moment this all needs to be adjusted in the code as there are no command line options and the settings file is ignored for most options including bitrates.

If you’d like to see the latest directions from the GIT repository, click here.