All in all, it’s a unique bundle that should give audio enthusiasts looking beyond simple audio playback a few dabbling options. Quake III Arena v1. I heard several new things in this well trodden song. Terratec DMX 6 fire. Commonly updated programs are listed below:. After playing with each card extensively, I found that each card’s gaming sound characteristics closely matched its music playback characteristics. Satisfied customers are our prime principle and negative feedback does not solve problems!

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The comparison between the TerraTec 6-fire and the Creative Audigy2, was over in about 2 seconds after I switched output devices in WinAmp3. All the 3D gaming tests used the high detail image quality settings and bit color.


If current drivers are not available, you may be able to download modified third party drivers from http: In Counter-Strike, however, where sound is far more important, I found the stutter quite irritating. The addition of a second CD input has been on my wish list for a while now and I tell you, this is really a great feature. Now that’s detail I can use.

Classical music is great for its high demand for dynamic range. So is the Algorithmix Sound Laundry. Overall, the 6-fire scores excellent in all tests, except the IMD test, which is merely very good. Dynamics were also compressed a bit, making the 6-fire a little more ‘exciting’ to listen to.


Retrieved from ” https: While I am a fan of the Audigy2 and its Crystal DACs, the 6-fire simply outperforms it in every category I could think of, save for some cases of instrumtal timbre cymbals.

There you can see the total amount and the payment information. Quake III Promediia v1. In the former case, the synthesizers’ signal is routed into the codec.

Updating Drivers – Performance – Knowledge Base – Steam Support

While the Muses’ strengths lay with bright, lively highs, the Fortissimo III and Digifire excelled at producing deep, loud lows. Here, additional listeners weren’t necessary, because our 3D audio tests were meant to evaluate a card’s ability to accurately reproduce and fade positional audio across multiple speakers rather than its ability to produce a sounds that were pleasing to the ear.

I had to check to see if my subwoofer was off. It was an event through terratc 6-fire, producing head rattling and hair standing on the back of the neck. I suppose it would be nice if the Control Panel would not actually close when the red-x is pressed in WinXP, but just return to the system tray.

In the end, the card’s audio quality is really in a class all its own. The inputs are all mounted flush with the board, so you shouldn’t have to worry about bending any wires to accommodate adjacent PCI cards. Satisfied customers are our prime principle and negative feedback does not solve problems!

Please consult your video card manufacturer or computer assembler if you have any questions regarding the installation of updated drivers. From the manual, and I quote: Overall, the Audigy’s speaker transitions were smooth and its handling of obstructions effective, but it’s hard to say the Promediq overall positional audio performance was much better than the Fortissimo III or Digifire.


This is the biggie. Community Help Post or search in Steam Discussions for an answer to your question. In my experience, audio cards survive more upgrade cycles, so it’s probably a better deal over time. The SAM has a 34 voice polyphony with all features enabled that increases if unused features get disabled up to Ahh, the fond memories of wasted youth linger with the taste of a first kiss.

The Envy24, before it was VIA’s.

Download TERRATEC Sound Card drivers

The breakout box is rather, dare I say it, sexy, in a mechanical terratev of way. Before, during or after the purchase of any questions or problems occur, please contact us.

In the end, the Audigy had a well balanced sound across all tracks, but its consistency was the bright spot, not its particularly exceptional performance.

Perspective view of the DMX 6-fire.