YouTube , Facebook , Website. First it boosts the portion of the audio spectrum which we rely on most for spatial localization cues. Also, please note that we cannot provide technical support regarding the installation of the drivers provided below, as in most cases we do not own the cards. Here’s some files and links which may be useful when setting up or maintaining an older computer. You can now reinstall other soundcards and configure them for SoundBlaster compatibility.

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The Ultrasound card family consists of the following cards: Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Of the three cards you mention, I’d use the based one. The time now is Need to find drivers for this particular one as well. I haven’t tried the but if you read the spec sheet google for ityou’ll find that the wavetable header requires a TSR.

These are the ways General Midi was meant to be heard. Unzip it, run the install utility included in the file under dos, go to the directory it was installed to and run register.

Sometimes, you just come across the weirdest stuff in the oddest places. These drivers are provided simply because these were quite good cards, and the drivers are almost completely extinct in terms of availability on the Internet, since Ensoniq was unfortunately bought out by Creative Labs, and it seems there are few or no mirrors elsewhere. And AWEs are usually full of cracks, pops, and static.


In addition to this the optional on-board ES chipset provides superb 3D Spatializing sound effect see notes below on ‘Spatializing’ technology. EXE will be called.

Bing [Bot]Google fosrealoldguy23 and 3 guests. EXE to deal with those incompatibilities, it will scan the current directory for supported games and update them to work with the GUS PnP.

converter support

I was browsing through the Textfiles when I came across this Multi-Media CD that seemed to have some strange audio card text and drivers. Thanks for the detailed info.

It has a ess6188 to select line or speaker out which is nice. Further to this we must then understand two more ‘3D terminologies’ – Sum and Difference INI in the installation directory.

VOGONS • View topic – ESS AudioDrive (ES) – a surprisingly good ISA sound card

Not many games supported this mode though. Views Read View source View history. What is interesting is that this is a PnP card, but on a non PnP machine you can just give the executable some commands to setup everything. This product is designed to provide the wavetable-like sound quality by using the latest technology of ESFM Music Synthesizer delivering true 20 voices, and a rich 72 Operators playback, compared to the traditional 36 operators sound quality which most existing sound cards are delivering nowadays.


You can now reinstall other soundcards and configure them for SoundBlaster compatibility.

Prior to installing the card, any other soundcard and probably other extension cards should be removed from the system. Hi everybody, got a small question. If you have any dos installation files for a soundcard which should be listed here for example, you have used it successfully with converter let us know.

VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

If you would like it to be loaded automatically each time you boot your computer, place the command to run it ie. For some it’s fast, for some it’s slow. Disabled devices will show “”, the IDE device and the gameport should be disabled already. I beginning to “like” this card.

Users browsing this forum: I just download it today. Note that the ESS AudioDrive doesn’t require any driver to function with converter – it is hardware compatible with the SoundBlaster Pro series, and all its jumper settings are printed on the card itself. Meaning the card itself had no samples, ram.