These were Dell’s first business-oriented notebooks based on the Pentium-M processor. C series laptops were notable for their consistent and interchangeable accessories across this wide range of processors. A re-boot may solve the problem, but often users found that the driver installation is damaged, requiring a re-installation of the drivers. From the very beginning it convinced by high performance, whereas it is absolutely silent. Suspend to RAM does not work at all and suspend to disk works

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Our digital scales display a weight of exactly g including battery. On boot I’d have a kernel log entry of: All early D models were known for faulty LCD screens.

If you continue to demand much power from the notebook, the fan gets audible, but still latiyude quiet. This is possible because of the very stable, but light magnesium case.

Dell Latitude – Wikipedia

I see a couple other Questions requarding this specific model and none seem to have a solution Hopefully there is a solution. Advantages of subnoteooks are their small dimensions and their high mobility. On WinXP the blue light was on when the switch was on This allows the laptop to function in the realm of a Netbook.

The small D has a high-quality magnesium case Your daily work will profit from this. Regarding temperature pvi this Dell notebook is not really ideal. While the D8x0, D6x0 and Latituxe models were all introduced simultaneously with each generation, the D4x0 series were generally introduced a couple of months after their counterparts.


Power management is controlled by ACPI. Differences include that the M does not work with the Dell D-Dock, and the case styling is slightly different. Using it saves power and makes the system more reliable. They are designed with extra durability in mind. Also that the LAN interface is automatically deactivated, helps saving energy.

Review Dell Latitude D430 Subnotebook

According to the reports, this still leaves the dual sense but without Multi-Touch and other d4330 features, “which render the auto and dual mode useless. In JulyDell released multi-touch touch-screen drivers for dfll Latitude XT Tablet, claiming the “industry’s first convertible tablet with multi-touch capabilities.

The driver was completed only recently see http: The 15″ “Premium” line was the 8 series, until the E-series merged this line with the 6 series Model numbers being along the lines oatitude C8x0 or D8x0. Suspend to RAM does not work at all and suspend to disk works However, prices of Dell notebooks fluctuate heavily.

It also could only be ordered with the Intel AGN wireless card, you couldn’t order it with Dell’s wireless options or lower end Intel wireless cards. Dell used the “E-series” name up through the models, and new models drop the “E.


Budget models intended for lattiude or home office environments, available in Regarding performance this small subnotebook is of course not that powerful as most other notebooks. Because of an utterly quiet SSD it is completely silent when running office applications — if there weren’t an always audible, quiet cheeping. Despite the damaged bearing it was never annoyingly loud. Finally my PC got up to speed!

Alike most speakers built-in in subnotebooks it is hardly sufficient for more than some rather quiet audio warning. Although it is obvious at once that the manufacturer tried to make all keys sufficiently big, typing longer documents with this subnotebook is more cumbersome than with notebooks providing bigger keyboards. The keyboard also clearly yields at its right side.

The internal Ricoh SD card reader works if you load the right kernel module, sdhciwith modprobe: Dell Latitude D now has a special edition for these Windows versions: