Score over 30, points in a run – Work the half pipe like a madman and get the needed points. Jump up to the warehouse roof – Go straight from the start until you get near the building on the right. What are “G Turns”? Score over 25, points in a run – Work the area you start in to get your needed points and the Truck Spine ramp to the left and past the fence from the start. The possibilities of modified tricks and combos are endless. On the roof turn right and you will see an indented area on the higher roof.

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Pull a over each jump in the six pack – Do this in the exact same way you did the 1st Amateur Objective, but hold a air out over the jump.

When you rrmix the game it tells you that “G Turns” are cool and look good when you do them.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by replicant – GameFAQs

End Run Section 3 Legend: Wondering Section 1 “Menu Screen” 1. You will see a hand rail going up to the walkway and one going down the other side pool slope. This just takes practice. Freestyld Challenges See a listing of objectives and which ones have been completed.


Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix: recent activity on Neoseeker

Archived from the original on January 31, When you near the walk way seperating the pools, charge your jump and clear the gap. Hit the 4 electric boxes – This freeshyle is very easy. Be careful renix to overcompensate when you start to lean from one side to the other. Tap to start peddling bicycle Hold to accelerate Turn around when riding backwards Down: Keep me logged in on this device. Jump through the 4 warehouse windows – Ok, this is an extremely simple task. The jump is parallel to the train.

Grind the tower above the bowl – Go just like you were going to the 1st fence at the top of the incline, but this time you need lots of speed. My curiosity is very piqued. You can also do this one from the roof to the ramp are for credit. Transfer from pool to roof – Another “Charging” jump here. Sony Playstation – September 15th, Subject to change. After about a minute session with this game you will find that the controls are quite intuitive and not really like any other game available in this genre.

Final Retail Version Version 1. The last cart is a bit trickier. Everest is the ramp 3.

Set yourself up so that the corner of the building you are on, the pedstal, and the exact opposite building corner are in a straight line. When in the air, ‘Big Air’ tricks can be performed that can also be ‘modified’ with the aid of the modifier button, or the Big Air button again modifiers themselves can also be modified. Over the past 4 months I have received several hundred e-mails that range from objective questions to people thanking me for this FAQ.


Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix

You may have to do it twice to register. Everest Fence – Tfiple the sometimes pain in the butt objective for Lot 8.

Tap it and ride away complete. With that in mind I will concentrate on only the most unique tricks and useful basic combinations.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX – Wikipedia

Greenville – Vail Trail: Jump from the left side so you have the largest landing zone. Use the trailer to jump over the fence trucj Go right from the start through the fence. Ride into it and you will see the other dozer to your left.

The 1st crate is against a tow motor near the end of the fence.