Has an optical viewfinder for less bulk — but less accuracy. Use the movable viewfinder to tilt the camera up for sky-high shots. The steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral shot with the Ricoh’s regular lens at focal length 5. The controls could serve — or should serve — as a model for other manufacturers. It can capture highest-quality JPEGs at 2.

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The bargain of the trio, it has slightly greater-range zoom than the Ricoh 3.

There is both a command dial on the front and a command toggle switch on the back. It declines through ISOwhere, ps–gx100 about lines, it still qualifies as Excellent.

Camera Test: Ricoh Caplio GX100

The finder image is on the grainy side, and the edges of the frame are a challenge for eyeglass wearers, but it shows you full information, can be tilted up to 90 degrees for low-angle or close-up shooting, and is much easier to see in bright light than the LCD.

Shot at a focal length of Patrick’s Cathedral shot using the wide angle lens attachment at focal length 4mm. Distributed exclusively by Adorama www. The camera also has very short shutter lag. Cameras Tested Reviews Gear. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus instagram youTube pinterest rss.


TFT with ,pixel resolution. But we’d like it more if it cost a little less and had less noise at high ISOs. It can capture highest-quality JPEGs at 2. Besides sharp shots, there is a lot to like in the GX You can custom-program up to four controls of your choice, as well as an additional setting on a function button atop the camera. AF zone can be placed anywhere on the screen in macro mode.

Camera Test: Ricoh Caplio GX | Popular Photography

The 3X zoom lens is equivalent to mm, a wide-angle range we’ll take any day over the mm typical on compacts.

Not the setting for action shots! In manual mode, the front dial controls aperture, while the rear toggle sets shutter speeds.

The same shot of St. But noise increases to Unacceptable at ISO and becomes ps-gx00 worse at ISO — typical of small-sensor, high-megapixel compacts.

Canon ColorPASS GX100

The GX is a highly competent camera that’s easy and fun for both the casual shooter and the serious enthusiast to use. This photo of Rockefeller Center shows cqnon the Ricoh’s wide-angle lens. Has an optical viewfinder for less bulk — but less accuracy. Use the movable viewfinder to tilt the camera up for sky-high shots.


The Ricoh did a good job of getting details in the highlights of this sunny lunchtime picture. Up to 5 highest-quality JPEGs at 2.

The Ricoh got nice contrast and color saturation of these Rockefeller Center flags. The Ricoh does better xanon noise control than the equivalent Canon and Nikon. Gear How-To Galleries Shop. The GX’s magnesium-alloy body looks as if it could be run over by a truck with no ill effects.

Ricoh GX vs Canon S95 Detailed Comparison

The steps of St. An on-screen or in-finder linear scale guides you to the correct exposure. Skip to main content. And the 19mm converter requires no additional setup in the menus, as the lens automatically signals the camera’s electronics when it’s screwed into place.