My sound card does not work either. By default it looks like the attached screen shot that is, “Auto detect” ; no improvement after change every drop-down menus into “ALSA”. Finally my wireless card and sound card works. Now if the Surround volume bar is muted, unmute it and set the level high to an optimal level. If you create it, then you must reboot to try your sound again.

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Selected rate control algorithm ‘iwl-agn-rs’ [ Your ethernet port IS being detected. I have used that to get sound working a hundred eireless in other distros, but never had to in Ubuntu. The file that you’ve just installed in the graphical front end for ndiswrapper. That’d do the trick.

How can I get a new kernel without having to compile it myself? Do you have a speaker icon in your panel?

Acer Aspire 4930 laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

If you get no output, then your hardware is not being picked up at boot. This is the instructions from that post: Goto preferences and tick on Surround. This sound module is very mature and as mentioned before should work out of the box. It does not always work with every distro.


I did the update and by default the ALSA driver was working. However I can connect to the network if wired, wireless is not working. But I expect results will be same as this is the same hardware.

For the wireless, it is shown as an unkown device. However, by reading through it I have come to the conclusion that wireless is working fine in another version aspide the aepire 2.

Here are some ideas: Although I’m using 8. If that fails you could try searching on the Intel. If it exists, look for an entry called “options.

If you create it, then you must reboot to try your sound again. It has a button to on and off wireless but the button is not working and the LED is also not lighting up.

The command dmesg grep wlan0 gives no output.

Acer Aspire Notebook WinXP, Vista, Win7 Driver, Utility | Notebook Drivers

It has a bluetooth button which works fine. Before doing anything else, type: Although still doesn’t work, it’s a step towards success.


Please note that commands are case sensitive. Unknown device This post gives instructions for Fedora 9, but wureless can be translated to Ubuntu.

Intel Corporation physical id: The new WIFI support was updated in kernel version 2. Now I know what file to put this in. Intel Corporation Unknown device The module would named iwlagn. Next you want to go up one directory and go into the ndisgtk directory and double click on the. 493g post results when I finish.