Income tax expense benefit 8. Puccini is a CPA. As a result, to the extent that we have overestimated future usage of inventory, the value of that inventory on our financial statements may be overstated. An RJ connector looks like a wide RJ telephone connector. Potts was the Senior Vice President of Finance. Through on-going development and refinement, these programs will help to improve our productivity and enable us to further improve our customer-focused services. We manage these risks through regular operating and financing activities and periodically use derivative financial instruments such as foreign exchange forward contracts.

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Productive assets must be accounted for at fair value, rather than at carryover basis, unless neither the asset received nor wrris asset surrendered has a fair value that is determinable within reasonable limits or the transactions lack commercial substance.

We may dispose of existing product lines or acquire new product lines in transactions that may adversely impact 4450b and our future results. Beginning inwe implemented a hedging strategy to mitigate the monetary exchange fluctuations from the time of invoice to the time of payment, and have occasionally entered into forward contracts based on a percentage of expected foreign currency receipts.

Assumption of certain liabilities of Atoga Systems.

Cumulative effect of accounting change Whether you’re checking out. Our reliance on sole or limited suppliers, particularly foreign suppliers, and our reliance on subcontractors involves several risks including a potential inability to obtain an adequate supply of required argis, subassemblies or modules and reduced control over pricing, quality and timely delivery of components, subassemblies or modules.

Arris CM450 User Manual

Inventories are stated at the lower of average cost, approximating first-in, first-out, or market. The headend facility organizes, processes and retransmits those signals through the distribution network to subscribers.


We assess whether an amount due from a customer is fixed and determinable based on the terms of the agreement with the customer, including, but not limited to, the payment terms associated with the transaction. We design this equipment to meet the strict performance and reliability specifications, and demanding environmental requirements expected of a lifeline, carrier-class residential telephone service.

The TM development utilized state of the art components coupled with our world class cable telephony know-how to develop a family of E-MTAs.

The EPC wireless home gateway delivers data, voice and wired Ethernet or wireless gateway capabilities to connect a variety of devices in the home or small office and support high-speed data access and VoIP services, all in one device.

During the first quarter ofARRIS consolidated two facilities in Georgia, giving the Company the ability to house many of its core technology, marketing, and corporate headquarter functions in a single building.

Our intangibles amortization expense represents amortization of existing technology acquired as a result of the Arris Interactive L. ARRIS evaluates its warranty obligations on an individual product basis.


This decline was partially offset by an increase in C4 sales to Comcast. The interconnection of the wide area backbone IP network with the hybrid fiber coax plant is a point of high capital expenditure. Electronic 4550b Products, Inc. This adjustment was the result of settling certain vendor liabilities for amounts less than originally anticipated and changes to our original estimated disposal costs. Derivative instruments are entered into for periods consistent with related underlying exposures and do not constitute positions independent of those exposures.

A significant portion of our products are manufactured or assembled in Mexico, the Philippines, Taiwan, China, and other foreign countries. Concentrations with respect to accounts receivable occur as the Company sells primarily to large, well-established companies including companies outside of the United States.


This architecture was introduced in and remains the industry standard. Directors and Executive Officers of the Registrant. 4550b

Even if the financial health of those companies and other customers improve, we cannot assure you that these customers will be in a position to purchase new equipment at levels we have seen in the past.

During the fourth quarterwe chose to cancel our credit facility, which was due to expire in August A significant portion of our products are manufactured or assembled in Mexico, the Philippines, and other countries outside the United States. Mergers among the supplier base also have increased, and this trend may continue. We expect to continue to spend similar levels on research and development in the future. With respect to long-term contracts, we include in our backlog only amounts representing.

Because the markets in which we compete are characterized by rapid growth and, in some cases, low barriers to entry, smaller niche market companies and start-up ventures also may become principal competitors in the future.

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Arris/Touchstone CM

This reliability and robust design enables our customers to compete with the incumbent local telephone company with an equivalent, and often superior, service offering.

The following trends impact our current product development activities:. In addition, we hold a number of non-marketable areis securities, which are also classified as available for sale.