Vietnam airlines baggage allowance

Application to Thai Airways International Public Company Ltd. Passengers may carry free of charge baggage as specified and subject to the conditions and limitations in THAI Regulations. The Piece Concept vietnam airlines baggage allowance to apply for a journey.

Important Notice If your journey involves multiple airline partners, please be aware that baggage rules may vary. Marketing Carrier unless that carrier publishes a rule stipulating that it will be the Operating Carrier. All excess baggage must be assessed and charged before the passenger boards the aircraft. Baggage checked in addition to the traveler’s baggage allowance. Checked baggage allowance may vary depending on cabin, status level, military status, itinerary and date of purchase. Baggage carried in excess of the free baggage allowance is charged as follows, irrespective of the class paid for and used by the passenger. Excess Baggage Charge rate, applicable to a checked portion of travel on purely THAI Domestic sectors, are in Weight Concept on a fixed rate listed below.

The Excess Baggage Charge per kilogram for any additional THAI Domestic services is 1. 5 percent of the highest normal direct one way economy class fare. Child and infant discounted rates are not applicable. If baggage is through check from TG Domestic connecting to TG International sectors, the Excess Baggage through check portion of travel is applied by zoning basis. Please refer Zoning Definitions for International Excess Baggage Charge Table. The condition on the 5th note, Currency Conversion: Excess baggage Charges published in USD only will be converted to the Local Currency by using the Banker’s Selling Rate on the date of baggage charged.

When a passenger is involuntarily rerouted to a lower class of service, the higher class baggage allowance shall be applied even though the refund for the fare difference is made. The exemption from extra baggage shall be applied to any passengers who traveling on the conditions agreed by THAI and Government sector. The exemption shall be applied according to the condition on the passenger’s ticket only. By government order or agreement, certain passenger categories may have a free baggage allowance deviating from the regular system. Such amended free baggage allowance is stated in the passenger’s ticket.

The condition on the 2nd note is applicable to passengers traveling from Thailand only. In case of travel on combined services for through journeys where the passenger travels partly on F-class and partly on C-, U-, or Y-class, the free baggage allowance applicable on each sector of the trip shall be that applicable to the class of service for which the fare is paid. In case the passenger who has paid F-class fare travels on C-, U- or Y-class, the free baggage allowance shall be that applicable to F-class. Foldable stroller can be loaded in compartment without additional charge. Excess Baggage Charge rate for a check portion of travel within TC3, Between TC2 and TC3 in Weight Concept on a zone basis listed below. Excess Baggage Charge rate is per kilogram from Zone 1- Zone 5. Canada is based on Piece Concept.